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We conduct Home Electrical Rewires in Garforth, we specialise in home electrical rewires but what does this actually mean and what sets us apart from other approved Part P electricians in Garforth?

Me and my team have been rewiring houses in Garforth for over 25 years, we know how to make the process easy for you if you have to reside in the house during the home electrical rewire.

This is easier said than done because a home rewire is a messy time consuming job and if you are living in the property during the rewire you will have electrical requirements daily that needs to be catered for.

This is where me and my team come in as we cater for all the requirements, we cover everything up and put floors back down daily and leave lighting and power on so you can cook, clean and see!

As 18th edition approved electricians in Garforth experience is paramount when having a home electrical rewire conducted and you need a electrical firm that has the ability to get it done quickly and efficiently, we even do the plastering too during the rewire and this is the difference between hiring an electrical firm or a one man band sole trader.

The benefits of using MPS for your home electrical rewire in Garforth

  • 10 Year guarentee on all materials
  • Rewire conducted in a timely manner
  • Fully certified Part P Approved Electrical company
  • Quality branded switches, sockets, lighting & Fuse Box components
  • All wall & ceiling chases plastered up during the Home Electrical Rewire
  • Lighting & Power left on every day during the home rewire
  • House cleaned up & floors re laid every day before the electricians leave site
  • Peace of mind Ltd company assurance and no money taken up front


MPS Electrical Ltd are approved Part P City & Guilds 18th Edition Electricians In Garforth Leeds.

Apprentice trained electricians with experience in fault finding and domestic installation works. All our staff are experienced tradesman with over 20 years experience in the electrical industry.

We conduct emergency electrical call outs in Garforth and operate a 24 hour emergency electrician Garforth service for when you need us the most.

Do I Need A House Rewire Garforth

A question many house owners, and more often potential house buyers ask themselves is "does this house in Garforth need a rewire?"

Often the answer is not very straight forward, as some parts of the installation may be satisfactory, others not so. Some older properties may have had modifications carried out while different (ie older) versions of the Wiring Regulations were in force and are now in need of improvement.

The only way to be sure, is to get an approved electrician oin Garforth to have a look and carry out an EICR Electrical inspection. If you are buying a property in Garforth, paying for an inspection may be money well spent if you discover the property needs to be re-wired. We offer this service for a fixed fee and conduct home buyers and home sellers electrical surveys for estate agents weekly on properties for sale in Garforth.

Domestic House Rewires Garforth

We Perform Domestic Rewires

We offer domestic rewires in Leeds, we specialise in residential rewires in Leeds and have an experienced team that will look after both you and your property during this process. We leave power on every night and know that a house rewire in Leeds can be a stressful experience due to carpets and floorboards being lifted and walls channeled out. We offer our own plastering service so when we finish your home rewire ir is ready to paint without the stress of finding a plasterer. We install quality electrical products only, decorative pvc switches and sockets all branded make. We treat your home like our home. A properly conducted reqire on a two bed house if done correlty will take two electricians eight days, the bigger the house the longer it takes. We offer a generic electrical specification, a base rewire package deal along with extras if you so require.  If you are looking for a dedicated team of electricians to conduct your Leeds rewire, ones that offer value, quality and respect for your home than you have come to the right place.


Electrical House Rewires Garforth

MPS Electrical Ltd Conduct Full House rewires In garforth & Partial House rewires In Garforth.  If you have been given the sad news that your original 1960's or 1970's wiring has failed and requires rewiring we can offer a full fixed price house rewire package deal that includes a set amount of sockets, lights, & switches along with the plastering up of all the chases.

Our fixed price home electrical rewire package deals are an affordable option if a full rewire is required. We have a dedicated team of electricians who conduct the rewire and if you are still living in the property we work around you so you still have power every night.

We've been operating since 1996 and offer the complete solution from design, build, commision & maintainence of your business whichever your industry be it residential home, shop, bar or office.

  • Fast and Reliable electricians Garforth
  • Competitively Priced electricians Garforth
  • Domestic, Commercial & Industrial Properties electricians Garforth
  • Fully stocked vehicles when you need components replaced in a timely manner
  • Full 24 hour emergency electricians Garforth

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